Be Like the King

Pictures and Sound


Morning is lifting; young skies are yawning;

Brown earth is warming; it's touching the sun.

Tender is new life of blue bells and aspen.

God touches softly the children of spring.


Mountains are laughing; clear brooks are splashing;

The earth is just breathing; it's longing to grow.

Listen so carefully; God will then teach thee

A song for all His children to sing:


Be young like a new dawn;

Be clear like a bird song;

Be deep like a canyon as it reaches below.


Be pure like a stream clear;

Be proud like a stag deer;

Yet bend like a willow with its roots in the ground.


Be fresh like a rainbow;

Be still like the moon glow;

Be high like the eagle as she hangs on the air.


Be strong like the Rockies;

Be soft like a south breeze;

Be quick like the cougar as he bounds o'er the ground.


Be brave like the grizzly;

Be tame like the fruit tree;

Be true like the sunlight as it floats in the sky.


God made his cathedral

To lift all His people;

He wants all His singers to be like the King,

To be like the King.


Allen Hackworth 2000