Moody Creek Canyon


We're going down to Moody Creek Canyon,

Sizzling trout when it's time to eat.

Dirt road bumpy ribbing that canyon.

Sagebrush, aspen, flowers are sweet.


Cares are melting in the soft sunshine.

Nothing to do but smile and play.

Crystal waters dance in the canyon.

Robins, sparrows singing all day.


Justin, Jenni running together

Chase a chipmunk over a log.

Jeremy is on a big game hunt.

Patience now, he caught him a frog.


Picking up cattails, stowing them lightly.

Bedding is warm and deep in the grass.

Beaver smile. They too are so happy.

Memory kind, we know it will last.


Swinging on rainbows, loving the weather,

Popcorn clouds and peace in the sky.

When we can we share it together.

Family fun can help a man fly.


Allen Hackworth 2000