Poem Preface


If we write from the heart, we expose ourselves.  In our nakedness we risk shocking or hurting others who may like us based on our facades.  I apologize to any whom I may offend or sadden.


A few of the poems were motivated by anger.   But writing them was good therapy.  By spilling my hostile feelings into the container of a poem, I promoted healing.   An example of a hostile poem is “Cabbage.”  I had a person in mind when I wrote these lines.  Also, “Independence” is a reaction against confines which sometimes coerce and irritate me.


Some of the poems, like “Grease” and “Dream My Life Away,” are filled with rhetorical irony.   I also write about the LDS culture.  Finally, a few poems reflect my love for the earth with all its various beauties.   Though all the poems, I strive to be candid and sincere.  I write from the heart.  As you read, perhaps you may feel it beating.