Potato Salad

How much would you pay for a good meal?

Does fifty dollars sound too high?

Not if Norma Perrenoud is nearby

And is willing to make her potato salad.

This creation alone is worth fifty and more.


For sure, no store could do it like Norma.

Her invention exceeds God's intention

Of what a potato salad should be.


Following her do-it-as-you-go recipe,

This marvelous chef combined cooked potatoes,

Onions, eggs, dressing, salt, sugar, and more

To create a three-helpings-at-least salad.


But more than this, Norma and Kay knew

What else to serve with their meal.

Roasted hot dogs with relish and mustard,

Dill pickles, olives, cottage cheese, chips and cookies galore

Mixed with the right pop made it hard to stop

And talk between each bite.


Yet the conversation

Between grownups, who acted like kids, was delicious too.

At Big Grassy just south of the Taylor Road,

After a rich afternoon of ATV fun,

Kent, Glenna, Kay, Norma, and I sat in the sun

And told war stories.


Everything that day was easy:

The domed, gigantic, cloud-filled sky,

The range cattle grazing nearby,

The abundant green that stretched like a city park,

The sheep dogs which barked on the far hill,

The new 1998 Honda Foreman which Kay and Norma rode,

And the easy solitude which takes a load off any man's back.


Oh yes! On that salty, sweet day in June,

We ate the good life until we were full.

But don't forget what made it all so digestible.

Everything tasted better because our large spoons

Were filled with Norma's fantastic potato salad.


Allen Hackworth 2000