Some need strong reasons

To believe in God.

Seeing nothing but fog,

They want a miracle of light.


Today I saw a miracle bright,

Bursting with beauty.


Large, white flakes floated,

Like miniature parachutes,

Out of a bright, grey sky.


With tons of water hanging high,

Instead of crashing like an avalanche,

Individual flakes were released

A million at a time,

Over and over, second by second.


How do the delicate flakes know

When it is their turn to fall below,

To float like puffs of white cotton candy?


The snow, coloring the rocks,

Buildings, trees, and ground,

whispered joy.


Piled lightly, one upon the other,

Millions of feathers formed

A downy comforter

Which warmed the sleeping earth.


With no breeze, all was still

Except for the vibrant thrill in my heart.


The birch trees, usually white,

Now looked dark

Contrasted against bright,

sugar which clung to their branches.


Silhouetted against a roof,

A large, brown squirrel whirled

And leaped with a poof

Onto a nearby Austrian pine.


Several blue spruce,

Etched white upon green,

Stood serene and snoozed

Like grandfathers

Sleeping while children

Play on the floor.


Like manna to nourish Israel,

This liquid miracle sustains our lives too.

Iím thankful I saw the magic this day

When water and earth

Displayed a profound, creative birth.


Thank you, dear God, for Your power

Which never quits showering the earth

With Your beloved benedictions.


© Allen Hackworth 2000