Music there was in the lilt

And tenor of your voice.

A favorite song, I rejoiced

To hear you play it

Again and again.


Your soft yet firm vibrations

Often moved me to the core.

Even if your words no meaning bore,

Still, I yearned for more

Of the sound: a melody without words.


Dreaming at the kitchen sink

Our voices mated:

Pressing, rising, falling,

One note against the other.


We moved harmoniously

Up and down that sweet, melodic path.

The union made me happy;

The blending made me laugh.


But mutability affects us all.

In the fall, as summer ended,

Our lyrics blended with

Chores and work galore.


Years later, as we circle round

Your voice moves me still,

And I will for the sound to abound forever.


Keep playing, Loni.

Speak soft and long.

Play your voice on and on

And on and on.


Allen Hackworth 2000