Weary Pioneer Sinks to Sleep

Agnes Taylor Schwartz,

Sister of Late President John Taylor,

Answers Last Call


(From the Desert News )


Agnes Taylor Schwartz, sister of the late President John Taylor, died  Tuesday afternoon, December 12, 1911 at 1 pm, at the residence of her daughter, Mary Taylor Smith, 56 east North Temple Street. During her entire life she had enjoyed the most robust health; she had never complained of pain, and even during the last few days, when her daughter asked if she was in pain, stated,


"I am only tired."


It was a question of a gradual breaking down of her wonderful endurance, until she closed her eyes in death without a struggle.


Agnes Taylor Schwartz was born Oct. 2, 1821, in Ackenthwait, Westmoreland, England. Her father's name was James Taylor, her mother's Agnes T. Taylor. She accepted the gospel in Canada at the time of the baptism of her brother, President John Taylor, and later joined the Saints at Mineral Point, Illinois.


She came to Utah in October, 1847, took an active part incident to the early struggles and hardships of pioneer life, and endured the hardships and privations of the move. She was president of the Fourteenth ward Relief Society, in which position she was a devoted worker and administered among the sick and
the needy. When President Taylor moved to the Gardo house, Jan 2, 1882, she preceded him and became his housekeeper during the remainder of his


She was a regular worker in the Logan temple for 12 years. She was the mother of 11 children, four sons and four daughters, whom she reared to manhood and womanhood, but she is survived by only three, namely,


Abraham T. Hoagland, Elba, Idaho;

Edward T. Hoagland, Falk, Idaho;

Mary T. Smith, wife of President Joseph F. Smith of Salt Lake City, Utah,


She had 68 grandchildren 146 great-grandchildren and 5 great-great-grand-children. She was a very strong character, positive as to her rights and lived a consistent, faithful Latter-day Saint, and indeed without exception, was just as strong in her faith in the gospel and in the divine mission of the Prophet Joseph Smith as any living member of the Church. In her faith she never wavered, nor would she allow, either in private or public, anyone to criticize, talk against or belittle any of the authorities of the Church, and had always taught her children to have the deepest respect for the servants of the Lord.


The funeral services will be held in the eighteenth ward chapel, Friday, December 15, 1911, at 12 o'clock.


Tributes to Worth of Mrs. Agnes Schwartz
President Smith and Others Speak Highly of Life of Noble Woman.

(From the Desert News


The funeral services of Agnes Taylor Schwartz, sister of the late  President John Taylor, who died Tuesday afternoon, December 12, were held this afternoon in the Eighteenth ward meetinghouse. The opening prayer was offered by President Seymour B. Young.


The following speakers paid tributes of respect and esteem to the memory of the deceased:

President Joseph F. Smith,

President Francis M. Lyman,

President Charles W. Penrose and

Elder Frank Y. Taylor.


President Smith paid a beautiful and eloquent tribute to the memory of Mrs. Schwartz as his mother-in-law, and to her memory as a faithful and consistent Latter-day Saint. He said that all the jokes and jibes about the sacred name "mother-in-law" were proven false by the life of Mrs. Schwartz. He said her life was an open book, in which all might read lessons for emulation. The beauty of her character, her sublime faith, and her kindly disposition had left an impress on all with whom she came in contact.


Others of the speakers spoke along similar lines. All had known Mrs. Schwartz during many years of her active life and had found much in her to admire. Tributes to her sterling worth came from the heart and many eyes were wet with the tears of sorrowful parting.


The musical program consisted of the following numbers:


"Farewell All Earthly Honors," and

"Refuge of the Weary" by a quartet;

"Who are These Arrayed in White?" solo, Mrs. Lizzie Thomas Edward.


The benediction was offered by elder Hyrum M. Smith. The dedicatory prayer at the grave was offered by Elder Moses W. Taylor. The eighteenth ward chapel was taxed to capacity with the crowd that assembled to pay tribute to Mrs. Schwartz. The floral offerings were profuse and beautiful, and bespoke the esteem in which she was generally held.